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The izakaya approach to drinking and dining as arrived in Rockville Centre at MEET BAR & IZAKAYA.

Translated literally as “stay saké shop”, izakayas are essentially Japanese taverns which are integral to the culture, food, and nightlife in Japan - they are the casual hideouts where you can linger with good friends over tasty food & plenty of cold drinks! Expect a chatty atmosphere and an upbeat energy once you enter MEET.

And when it comes to cuisine, the rules are loose and open to interpretation at izakayas - and likely a reason why their followers find them easy to love. The choices are always many: At MEET, you might try something raw, something fried, something pickled, something skewered, something simmered, or something grilled, perhaps. What ties it all together is that the choices are all tasty, drink-friendly, and meant to be shared. Come explore!



Monday - Thursday: 2pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 2pm - 11pm
Sunday: 2pm - 10pm